AMD Demo DirectX 11 Graphics card
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Thursday, 04 June 2009 15:08

AMD LogoThis week at a press conference in Taiwan, AMD demonstrated the world's first GPU (graphics processor) capable of DirectX 11 technology.  AMD, who bought ATI in 2006, has continued to develop and sell graphics cards and chipsets under the ATI branding. With the introduction of this new chip they are at the cutting edge of hardware development in the graphics sector.


Microsoft Launch BING Search Engine
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Thursday, 04 June 2009 11:47

Bing LogoThis week Microsoft have launched a new search engine in direct competition with Google.  Originally called Kumo whilst in development and now released under the name Bing.


Microsoft Release Vista SP2
News - General Technology News
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 10:50

Windows Vista Logo Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista has just been released, this new update includes all updates since SP1 and further enhancements to ensure compatibility with current and emerging technologies.

Windows 7 Release
News - General Technology News
Sunday, 17 May 2009 22:07

Windows 7 Logo Original suggestions led us to believe that Windows 7, Microsofts latest operating system, would be released in the first quarter of 2010.  Information revealed in the last few days puts the release as early as October 2009.


Windows 7 Touch Controls
News - General Technology News
Sunday, 29 March 2009 16:14

Windows 7 is the next evolution of Microsoft Windows which is due for release in 2010. According to Microsoft it will include screen touch controls as demonstrated in this video.  Whether this feature will be available in all versions of Windows 7 or just the most expensive one remains to be seen, for example the much hyped "Aero Glass" feature in Vista was only available in Vista Ultimate.

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