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Thursday, 06 August 2015 09:45

For those of you that registered for the free Windows 10 Upgrade, your computers will now have downloaded or will be in the process of downloading the installation files.  So what happens next?


Basically you will be given a choice of whether to install the new version or delay it for later, presumably if you have got this far then you are a interested in trying something new, so if you wish you can carry on and give it a go.  As mentioned in our previous articles (Windows 10 Free Upgrade & Windows 10 Goes Live) we have been trialling Windows 10 for almost a year and find as with all new versions of software, there are bits to like and bits to get used too.

The comments here are based on 5 Windows 10 upgrades completed over the first weekend of availability and our views may change over time and future installs.  The machine's had a wide range of specifications and installed software to give us the broadest possible view of the successfulness of the upgrade process.

On the most part the installations were successful. Microsoft recommend that as with any major change to your system that you back up everything before you start.  We found that the machines we tried it on we had no data loss whatsoever but please do not use this as a guarantee and make a back up of your data first.

During the installation you will be notified that you may have to re-install some programs after the task is complete.  We found that most of our standard programs worked after installation without problem, some needed an extra restart to finish setup, however some programs DID NOT function at all.  Most of these programs just required a download of the latest version but others like Microsoft Office Starter (which was a free version of Office supplied with Windows 7 machines) is not compatible and will not function.  Therefore if you are relying on this for your Office needs you will be disappointed.  We were not surprised by this as it was not officially supported on Windows 8 either but could be made to work.

Mostly the machines upgraded correctly with new drivers installed to ensure all of the hardware functioned correctly, one in particular had issues though.  The machine in question was my laptop which is an older Toshiba model with a touch screen. Ironically this was one of the machines that has been successfully running test versions of Windows 10 for the last year.

Two weeks before the official launch we formatted the machine and opted to install a fresh version of Windows 7.  It was then updated with all Windows updates, drivers and had various pieces of software installed for the test, Office Starter, Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox etc, etc.  The update ran smoothly taking around  two and a half hours to complete.  There was no data loss as with all the machines tested, however the touch screen did not function afterwards nor did the finger print recognition to log in.  Knowing the password meant the finger print system was not needed but I found it quite useful.  More troubling was the touch screen, after a day of testing and looking for new drivers we finally and reluctantly downgraded back to Windows 7.

The downgrade is a fairly simple process which you will have a month to perform if you don't get on with Windows 10, again we found no data loss and all the previously installed software worked correctly, including Microsoft Office Starter which had stopped functioning under Windows 10.



Do we like Windows 10? Yes.
What do we like? The return of the Start Menu and Edge, the new web browser.
Do we recommend you install it? If your computer is less than 4yrs old running Win7 or 8.1 and you do not rely on it for work, then yes.
Will it go smoothly? Probably.
What are the downsides? Compatibility may be an issue, loss of data, slower running on older machines.
Can we do it for you? Yes, just give us a call on 677 633 700.
Have any customers had issues doing the upgrade? Yes 4 in the first week, the latest of which is locked out of the machine completely.
Things to remember before upgrading.

If you have any issues at all with your machine, virus, malware, incorrect settings they will be carried across to Windows 10 as it is an upgrade rather than clean install.  We can do a clean install for you instead if you prefer.

Backup your data first, we have had no data loss issues yet, but a backup is always better than lost data and Microsoft recommend it so clearly they aren't sure.

Do not upgrade your only PC if you need it for work and/or communications without first considering how you could manage without it.






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