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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 22:09

Outlook.com If you have tried to log into your Hotmail account recently you may have noticed that you were redirected to outlook.com.  Don't worry, this is supposed to happen, Microsoft have simply decided to replace Hotmail with a new look to compete better against Google's Gmail.  If you are wondering what the new Outlook.com can offer you please read on.


Enjoy the Clean New Look

It is easy to see the similarities between the new Outlook.com screens and the Gmail screens and whilst it will take a little getting used if you have only used Hotmail before we are sure you will find it easy to navigate and use. 


Get a New Email Address

Hotmail is obviously a dated email system which has been running for many years, presumably with the advent of Outlook.com Hotmail's days are numbered.  In order to save yourself some problems later on you can sign up for a new Outlook.com email address and continue to receive emails that were sent to your old Hotmail address.  Outlook will automatically transfer all your Hotmail contacts, your inbox, sent items, etc.


Keep up to Date with your Calendar

You can run a calendar feature within Outlook.com which you can then synch to your mobile phone or tablet.  You need never miss an appointment again, even when you are out on the road.


Make it a Social Event

With the new Outlook.com screen you can incorporate your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ feeds and keep up with what your friends are doing.  You can even chat online without leaving your email.   Soon they are going to incorporate Skype too so you can even videochat using just one contact list.


Targeted Advertising

In an obvious attack at Google's use of Gmail, Microsoft have stated that they will NOT scan the content of emails in order to sell the information to advertisers.



At the moment this service is being offered in "Preview" mode (there is no official release date) therefore not all the functions work as yet.



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