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Tuesday, 19 June 2012 08:51

Microsoft Surface Tablet PC For those of you looking for a tablet PC with familiar features and controls Microsoft have unveiled their latest innovation: two 10.6” tablet computers dubbed Surface, which will we’re sure provide strong competition to the popular iPad dependant upon price.


The two versions of the Surface will both run versions of Windows 8, the first with Windows RT offering 32GB or 64GB storage and the other with Windows 8 Pro will have 64GB or 128GB.  Of course Windows 8 will also soon be supplied on new laptop and desktop PCs so you can have continuity on all your computer devices, no more having to adapt to different operating systems dependant upon which device you are using. Click here to see the full spec sheet for both Surface tablets.

Windows RT Surface will run ARM chips, while the Windows 8 Pro version will use Intel X86 architecture. The ARM architecture is widely used in smartphones and even Apple's iPad, while X86 chips are produced for laptops.

Both tablets come complete with a stand and a cover which doubles as a resistive keyboard and touchpad and is available in a variety of colours, both of these items are optional extras for the iPad.  It also includes USB connectivity so you can easily connect your camera, printer or backup devices.

The official release date is expected to be October 2012 but we will keep you posted as to when they will be available in Spain

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