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Sunday, 03 April 2011 16:58

If you receive an alert from the Windows Stability Centre while browsing the internet do not click on any links contained in that window.  This is not a piece of Microsoft software instead it is a piece of malware which exploits a security loophole on Microsoft SQL based websites. 

Within the first day of this attack over 28,000 websites were known to have been affected including some sites connected to the iTunes service.  It has been dubbed the Lizamoon attack as this was the website that users were initially redirected to. 

A Google search today showed that there were more than 3,000,000 weblinks to the 21 attackers domains. Currently these domains have been shutdown but if the hi-tech criminals change their code other websites could easily spring up in their place 

Website security managers are acting quickly to eliminate this attack but in the meantime please be careful with your web browsing.


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