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Secure Data DisposalDo you have an old unused computer full of personal data? Are you worried about that data falling into the wrong hands?  Not sure how or where to dispose of it?

Alien Technologies are here to help, offering a full collection and disposal service.


We offer secure data destruction and disposal for all makes and models of desktop PCs, servers or laptops whether running or not.  Your equipment will be stripped for disposal. all data will be destroyed and rendered irretrievable by any current technology. 


We will collect the computer from your home or office, use advanced techniques to wipe the data and then destroy the data storage device.  We will then dissemble and correctly dispose of the electronic, plastic and metal components in accordance with current Spanish regulations.


Why Choose us to Dispose of your Computer Equipment:

AVOID FINES & SIMPLIFY COMPLIANCE with EU and international regulations on privacy, data protection and data disposal.

RESPONSIBLE RECYCLING we ensure that your IT equipment is dissembled and disposed of correctly.

ENJOY PEACE OF MIND by being assured that your data will be completely destroyed and cannot be accessed by any third parties.



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