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Defrag Desktop IconDisk Defragmenter is a hard drive maintenance tool built in to Windows operating systems. It helps to maintain the integrity of the filing system as described in our "What is?" guide.  This tutorial will show how to run the software on a Windows XP based machine.

Start by clicking the desktop icon shown above to open the program.  If you do not have a desktop icon, then click on "Start", !All Programs", Accessories", "System Tools", Disk Defragmenter.  The screen will look like the example below.  Once the screen is open DON'T go straight for the "Defragment" button as it may not be necessary, instead click on the "Analyse" button as highlighted in the example.

 Defrag Window With Analyse











The program will then run a quick check of the drive as shown below.

 Defrag Analysing











Once finished a report will be displayed as shown below, it will either say "You Do Not Need To Defragment This Volume" in which case you can close the software, or it will say "You Should Defragment This Volume" in which case click the "Defragment" Button.

 Defrag Message

The next image is of the defragmentation in progress.  This particular drive was in desperate need of maintenance.  The coloured area at the top is the drive at the start of the process and the bar at the bottom shows progress so far.

The white areas of the drive are the free space, not much left in this case, the red areas are fragmented files which need to be moved, the blue are files which are OK although they may be moved anyway and the green files are unmovable, usually for indexing reasons.

 Defragmenting a bad drive











If you allow your drive to get in this state it may take many hours to Defrag and may not complete successfully.  At this point it is time to decide whether to delete some of the information or have a new larger hard drive professionally fitted.  If the later is the case give us a call on 677 633 700 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a quote.


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