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Spybot Logo It is good practice to run a Spybot scan on a weekly basis to ensure your PC stays spyware and trojan free.  This tutorial will show you how to acheive this.  Remember however to update and Immunise the system first.  If you need advice on this see our other tutorials.

Firstly open Spybot using the desktop icon shown below.

Spybot Desktop Icon

Desktop Icon

The main Spybot screen will open as shown below.  Click the "Check For Problems" highlighted in red in the image.

Spybot Check For Problems











The Check For Problems Screen will open as shown below.  Click the button marked "Check For Problems" as shown in our example below.

Spybot Check 1











The Scan will start, this can take quite a while and is dependant on the speed of your machine and the amount of files stored on it.  A progress indicator (usually green) is shown at the bottom of the screen.

 Spybot Check 2










After the scan has finished, assuming it has found some spyware your screen will look something like the example below with problems shown in red in the centre.  Make sure there is a tick in the boxes next to each problem and click the "Fix Selected Problems" button shown highlighted in the image.

Spybot Found Problems










A small additional screen then pops up to ask if you are sure about removing the items, click yes and watch the problems being removed, this normally takes a minute or two dependant on numbers, once finished you can close Spybot until next time.

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