Spybot Manual Immunization (Update Part 2)
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Spybot Logo To update Spybot you have to complete two seperate tasks, Update and Immunize.  Follow these instruction to Immunize Spybot. 

Firstly open Spybot using the desktop icon shown below.

Spybot Desktop Icon

Desktop Icon

The main Spybot screen will open as shown below. Click the "Immunize" button which looks like a shield on the far left of the screen as highlighted in red.

Spybot Imunize











The main window changes to show how many items you are currently immunized against and how many are available.  Once the count has finished (watch the green status bar at the top) then click the Green immunize button as shown highlighted in the image below.  This green status bar will run across again and add all of the updates into the system.

Spybot Imunize 1

When finished the "Unprotected" number in the top right corner of the screen should be 0.

Now you have finished updating Spybot you can go forward and "Check For Problems", if you require help with this see our other Tutorials.

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