Spybot Manual Update (Update Part 1)
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Spybot Logo Spybot is an incredibly good product for removing spyware, trojans and other infections from your computer, unfortunately many of it's tasks have to be run manually.  In this tutorial we will show you how to update the software, remember to Immunise after the update.

Firstly open Spybot using the desktop icon shown below.

Spybot Desktop Icon

Desktop Icon

The main Spybot screen will open as shown below.  Before you attempt to update the software make sure you are connected to the internat, the simplest option is to start Internet Explorer and ensure a webpage appears.  On the main screen click the "Search For Updates" button as highlighted in red.

Spybot Main Window











A small Window appears on the screen as shown below.  This window gives options on where to download the updates from, our recommendation is to use any called "Safer Networking Europe", highlight one of the options and click "Continue"

Spybot Update











The next window to appear will give you the option of which updates to download, by placing a tick in the boxes.  Our recommendation would be to download all available updates.  Once you have ticked all the boxes, then click the "Download" button.

Spybot Update Options









When the updates have downloaded a small confirmation message appears, close that message and click the "Exit" button on the window shown above.  The update is finished however before you start to scan for infections you must Immunise the system, look at our other Tutorials for advice.

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