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AVG Update Now There is a new update for AVG 2015 Free version.  This is a major update and requires you to reinstall the program however if you are not careful you can end up on a 30 day trial for the professional (paid for) version.  Please follow our instructions to ensure that you stay on the free version



The first thing you will see is a small pop-up in the right hand corner which tells you that AVG needs to updated which is fairly self explanatory, simply click the "Update now" button.

Windows will then ask you if you would like to proceed and allow AVG to make changes to the computer, again fairly straight forward, just click Allow.

The next screen is the one where you should be careful to make the correct selection.  As you can see there are two options, one is for Basic Protection, the other is for Ultimate Protection.  By default the Ultimate Protection is selected, in order to stay on the free version you should select Basic Protection before clicking Next

AVG Update Product Selection


AVG will then install the up to date version of your anti-virus program.  When it has finished it will come up with a screen saying "Congratulations! You've successfully updated to AVG Anti-Virus Free 2015" click the Continue button.

You will see the screen telling you that you need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect, you should click Restart Now however if you click Cancel it will complete the update when you turn off and restart the machine as normal.

If you see this screen click Decline in the bottom left hand corner otherwise you will find that your normal internet homepage (Google, Yahoo, etc) will be replaced by AVG Secure Search.

AVG Secure Search


I hope that the above is of assistance however if you see this article too late and you find yourself on the 30 day trial please refer to our article below to restore your installation to the free version


Downgrade to AVG Free



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