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How to install AVG Free - Tutorial If you would like to install AVG Free on your Windows 8 machine rather than pay to renew the trial version of Norton or McAfee that your new PC came with please click Read More to see our screen by screen tutorial.


AVG Free Homepage

Firstly, click on this link for AVG Free, it is designed to open in a new window so you can keep this page open while you start the installation process.  When you see the AVG Free homepage click on the large green "Download" button. 



AVG Product Selection


On the next page you will see a couple of columns of ticks representing the level of protection that both AVG Free and AVG Pro offer.  Assuming that you want to install the free version, scroll to the bottom of the ticks and click on the orange "Download" button



AVG Download


A new window will open on the Cnet server page. Do not be alarmed Cnet are the authorised download site for AVG.  Click on the green Download Now button. 






Run or Save

Now dependant upon which internet browser you are using you may be faced with different options however assuming you are using Internet Explorer 11 from the desktop rather than the Metro version, you will see a small bar at the bottom of the next screen asking you whether you would like to "Run", "Save" or "Cancel" the download.  You should choose "Run"

Once the AVG setup files have been downloaded, Windows may come up and whether AVG has your permission to continue, you should click "Yes".




AVG Choice of Language

 AVG will then start the installation process beginning with your choice of language.  Assuming the language shown is the one you want simply click "Next" otherwise click on the drop down arrow to select your language then click "Next".



AVG Terms and Conditions

You will then be presented with the Terms and Conditions of use.  Providing you are happy with these and you wish to continue with the installation of AVG Free you should click "Accept".



AVG Basic Protection The next screen highlights the difference between AVG Free and AVG Pro and gives you another opportunity to choose the paid version.  Assuming you wish to continue with the installation of AVG Free you should select "Basic Protection" and click "Next"



AVG Express Installation Unless you are an advanced computer user we would recommend that you choose the Express installation.  This option covers most users and prevents you from accidentally turning off some important and relevent protection.


AVG Toolbar As part of the installation you will be offered the AVG Toolbar.  This toolbar installs on your internet browser and gives you security and scanning options for internet links and websites.  It is a matter of personal preference as to whether you wish to install it or not, personally I don't but many of our customers like it and find it useful.  If you decide you do want to install it put ticks in all the boxes you wish and then click "Next".  If you prefer not to install it take the tick out of the box at the top which says "Use the AVG Toolbar to improve my Internet protection" then click "Next".


AVG Installation Progress

You can monitor the progress on this screen but when the installation is almost complete you will be prompted to restart the computer.  Save any open documents and close all open programs before clicking "Restart Now".



AVG Free successfully installed Upon restart Windows may once again request your permission to allow AVG access to make changes to the system, assuming that you still wish to continue with the installation of AVG Free, you should click "Yes".  You will then see the Congratulations screen shown here.  It is not a requirement for you to help AVG improve it's products or to register your product. If you wish to you can leave the tick in the box and enter your email address howevr if you do not wish to simply remove the tick from the box and click "Finish"


AVG Control Panel The AVG Control Panel will automatically open telling you that you are not fully protected because the anti-virus definitions are out of date.  Simply click "Update". AVG will connect to the internet and download the latest definitions.  You can at this stage run a full anti-virus scan to ensure that your system is clear from infection.  You may notice that there is also the option to install the AVG Firewall, please note however that if you do so you will be agreeing to install the trial version of AVG Pro and therefore leaving the AVG Free program.





Please remember to uninstall your previous anti-virus program as leaving it running on your computer can conflict with AVG and may result in loss of protection



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