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AVG Free 2012 The latest release of AVG Free has arrived and although the old version is still working, at some point in the future you will need to upgrade to AVG 2012.  In order to assist you in this process we have written some detailed instructions.


Obviously this program is a large file to download and you should not attempt to carry out this procedure unless you have ADSL (broadband)


Initially you need to open Internet Explorer and go to http://free.avg.com where you can click on the DOWNLOAD button shown in the picture above. 

Which AVG Product to Choose? This will take you to the following screen where you choose which AVG product best suits your needs.  If you require the free version simply click on the button underneath the tick chart that relates to the free version to begin the download process.


(Please note that the pictures shown in this tutorial are images only not links, if you click on them they will enlarge to make it easier to read the text to assist you while you are using the actual download pages from the AVG website.)




Download AVG from CNET A new webpage will open showing CNET Download.com where you should click on the "Download Now" icon pictured on the right.  Next you will see the "Your download will begin in a moment" page shown below:

AVG Free 2012 download will begin shortly





  AVG Free Security Warning

This will be followed by the normal File Download - Security Warning.  At this point we suggest that you select Run, this will enable the file download to begin and immediately carry on to install the software. You can monitor it's progress on the screen shown below:

AVG Free Download Progress







AVG Free Publisher Verification Upon completion of the download you will receive the following security warning asking if you wish to run this file.  Please check that the file says "avg free stb all 2012" in the name before clicking Run.


  AVG Free Software Installer


The installation process will now commence and you can close all Internet Explorer windows.  




AVG Free License Agreement


You will be asked if you accept the license agreement. Basically if you click No you will not be able to proceed, if you click Yes the installation process will continue.



   AVG Free Product Choice

You will again be given the opportunity to install the paid version of AVG because, after all that is how AVG make their money, but you can of course simply click on the Basic Protection radio button before clicking Next



AVG Free Quick Install


At the next screen, unless you really know what you are doing make sure that the radio button next to Quick Install is checked before clicking Next



AVG Toolbar Option

Consider these options before making a decision: If you keep the top button checked then AVG Secure Search will replace your Bing, Yahoo or Google as your default search provider, if you do not want this to be the case remove the tick from this box.  The AVG Security Toolbar is a popular add-on but again, if you do not require this option remove the tick from the box before clicking Next.

  AVG Download Progress


This is the last stage of your AVG Free 2012 installation. It will now complete the download and installation process. You have nothing to press at this stage simply wait and eventually you will see the final screen:


AVG Free 2012 Successful Installation

When you see the Installation Successful screen, if you do not wish to help AVG with the product improvement or receive newsletters and updates from AVG simply remove the ticks from the two boxes, ensure that all other programs are closed and then click Restart Now. The computer will automatically turn itself off and then back on again, once it has finished the startup sequence you will find that AVG 2012 is now your default anti-virus program.


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