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AVG Logo If your computer has been off line for a week or more, perhaps you have been on holiday, then the antivirus will not have had the opportunity to update.  These instructions show you how to catch back up by initiating a manual update.

Firstly you need to ensure you are connected to the internet, the simplest way to acheive this is to open Internet Explorer and make sure a page appears.  Then open AVG by clicking on either the desktop icon or the taskbar icon shown below.

 Desktop Icon Desktop Icon Taskbar Icon Taskbar Icon

Once AVG has opened you will see the main screen as shown below.  You will notice that two of the icons are in red with the message "Database is outdated" (shown below in a green box).  Click the "Update Now" button as shown in the image.

AVG Out Of Date











At this point you may see the "Update Failed" screen as shown below, this usually appears if you have forgotten to connect to the internet.  If this is the case then make the connection and click "Update Now" again.

AVG Update Failed











Assuming you are connected you will see the following screen, which shows the available updates, you only have two options here "Update" or "Cancel", therefore click "Update" and wait for the process to complete.

AVG Update Window

 During the update process you will see the following screen with a status indicator.

AVG Update Progress











When the update procedure is completed you will see the following screen, click the "Close" button to finish. If it is a long time since your last update, you may need to repeat the process to receive all of the updates, you may also need to restart your PC between updates.

Remember to disconnect from the internet when you have finished if you are using a dial-up service.

AVG Update Finished

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