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AVG Logo It is occasionally necessary to run a manual virus scan of your entire machine, for example if the machine has been running slower than usual.  Here we will show you the steps it takes to achieve this using AVG 9 as an example.

Open AVG using either the Icon on your desktop or the icon in the taskbar, which is near the clock in the bottom right corner of the desktop.

AVG Desktop IconDesktop Icon

AVG Taskbar Icon

Taskbar Icon

The main screen will be displayed.  Click the "Computer Scanner" button as shown highlighted below.

AVG Main Window

The Computer Scanner screen will open.  Click the large blue "Scan Whole Computer" button shown highlighted below.

AVG Scanner Window

The Computer Scanner will change to show the scan in progress, this change can take a little time if the machine is running slowly, therefore be patient and don't press it twice.  Scanning in progress shown below.

The red highlighted section shows the progress of the scan, files, time etc.  the green highlighted section displays the problem items found so far.

AVG Running Scan

As AVG finds problems it will deal with them automatically if it can, firstly it will try to repair the problem, then if this fails it will try to quarantine the problem and if both fail it will delete the infected item.  All of this information is shown in a report it gives you at the end.  Example report shown below.

AVG Scan Complete

Hopefully AVG will have removed any infections that you have, if not, and this is rare, you will probably need to call us for assistance on 677 633 700 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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