AVG 2015 Update
Tutorials - AVG Free Anti Virus

AVG Update Now There is a new update for AVG 2015 Free version.  This is a major update and requires you to reinstall the program however if you are not careful you can end up on a 30 day trial for the professional (paid for) version.  Please follow our instructions to ensure that you stay on the free version


Install AVG Free on Windows 8
Tutorials - AVG Free Anti Virus

How to install AVG Free - Tutorial If you would like to install AVG Free on your Windows 8 machine rather than pay to renew the trial version of Norton or McAfee that your new PC came with please click Read More to see our screen by screen tutorial.

Upgrade to AVG 2012 on XP
Tutorials - AVG Free Anti Virus

AVG Free 2012 The latest release of AVG Free has arrived and although the old version is still working, at some point in the future you will need to upgrade to AVG 2012.  In order to assist you in this process we have written some detailed instructions.

Disk Defragmenter (Defrag)
Tutorials - Windows Tools

Defrag Desktop IconDisk Defragmenter is a hard drive maintenance tool built in to Windows operating systems. It helps to maintain the integrity of the filing system as described in our "What is?" guide.  This tutorial will show how to run the software on a Windows XP based machine.

Spybot Manual Scanning
Tutorials - Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot Logo It is good practice to run a Spybot scan on a weekly basis to ensure your PC stays spyware and trojan free.  This tutorial will show you how to acheive this.  Remember however to update and Immunise the system first.  If you need advice on this see our other tutorials.


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