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When you are setting up your PC it is always tempting to put the tower on the floor to give yourself as much desk space as possible.  Unfortunately from a dust point of view this is the worst possible location.


When PC cases are in use they have fans which circulate air in the case to cool the components. The air is drawn from around the case through holes underneath and at the sides, it is then blown out of the back.  If the machine is on the floor it will draw in dust and fluff from around the machine, which will eventually block up the fans and cause the machine to overheat.

This problem is made worse if the machine is located in a workshop or basement or if the owner has dogs/cats or smokes.

The simple answer to the problem is to keep the machine off the floor either on top of the desk or in a purpose made desk with a space for a tower. If neither of these are appropriate then mounting the tower on a PC Tower Support which will raise it up approximately 2 inches. This support is on wheels which also allows for the machine to be moved to aid cleaning.


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