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To prevent loss of data we have three words for you: backup backup backup.  Get into a routine of backing up your data particularly items that you would not wish to lose, for example the 1st photo you have of your grandchild, the video of your silver wedding anniversary or your company accounts. If your hard drive fails or your data becomes corrupt to the extent that it is irreparable it may be necessary to reinstall your PC and data recovery cannot always be guaranteed.

If there are files on your computer that you simply cannot live without, put them on a CD, DVD, USB pen drive or external hard drive.  Most computers these days have CD/DVD drawers with burning programs to allow you to back up but if your computer doesn't you can always put your data on an external hard drive or pen drive or buy an external CD/DVD Writer all of which easily connect to your USB port.


We can supply you with one of the above to suit your needs if required, just give us a call for a quotation on 677 633 700


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