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To prevent problems we would recommend that you carry out regular software maintenance on your PC. This article gives general advice and recommendations for software to protect your computer.


It is not enough to simply have the program on your computer you need to make sure it is kept up to date and run scans regularly.  If you cannot afford to renew your subscription to Norton, McAfee or other brands, you can download and install AVG completely free. Once you have installed it if you need help running manual updates and scans please click here for our tutorials.



The most common cause for a slow running PC is spyware.  This is software that is downloaded to your computer in the background whenever you are on the internet.  You are not aware of the download you only notice the increase in popups and the affect on the speed of your machine. We would recommend Spybot, it is a free download and is simple to use. Like the anti-virus programs you need to check for updates regularly and run scans to check for problems. There are full instructions for use on our website.


Windows Update 

Keep your operating system up to date.  From time to time, Microsoft releases Windows security updates, these should be downloaded and installed on your PC. They are released to resolve security and compatibility problems. This applies equally to Windows XP, Vista and 7.


Disk Defragmenter 

From time to time your computer will need to be defragmented.  If you imagine that your computer is like a filing cabinet and throughout the month you simply open the drawer and throw everything in, at some point you would need to take the time to organise your documents alphabetically, numerically or geographically so that you can find them again when needed, this is what Disk Defragmenter does for the computer, it reorganises the filing so that when you want to open a file the computer can find it quickly without have to search the entire hard drive.


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