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Many people buy a new computer like they would a new fridge or TV. They consider where they are going to put it and when they are going to use it. Whether a laptop or desktop PC would be more suitable and possibly what colour would best fit in with their decorations.  Most do not realise that when they get their new PC home they will have to install their printer, camera and mobile phone software and that these items may not be compatible with the new PC.  The treasured photos and music that is currently on their old computer will need to be transferred to the new PC or will only be accessible if the old computer is also kept in working order.  If they use an offline email program such as Incredimail or Outlook Express, then the new computer will not have access to the address book or old sent/received emails.



Here at Alien Technologies we can offer a full delivery package including setting up your new computer into a more user friendly format before you even get it, including spending up to 2 hours at your house connecting your new computer to your internet supply, installing printers and cameras and giving you a brief introduction to your new PC.  We can also offer transfer of data from the old PC to the new machine and then secure, environmentally friendly, disposal of the old equipment and data so that no one else will have access to your information.


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