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lifebouy Are you having a little bit of trouble but not enough to warrant calling out a computer engineer?  Perhaps you just need a bit of help to carry out a particular task, i.e. attaching a picture to an email, formatting a Word document, running an anti-virus or malware scan, or just changing your screen background.  We can now offer remote access assistance to do this for you or show you how to do it yourself.



Quite often, we get telephone calls from customers who just need a little help to sort out their computer or do a minor task but they lack the confidence or knowledge to do it themselves.  In the past this would result in a visit from our engineer and the obvious callout charge would then be applied however we can now offer you remote access assistance for a small fee. 


In order to obtain this assistance you call us and tell us what the problem is, we assess the situation and if applicable we instruct you to download and install a small program to your computer.  Once this program is installed you will be issued with a user ID and password (this password changes every time the program is run), you give this ID and password to us and we can take control of your computer to help you.  At this point we will require your credit/debit card information to process the payment.  Once we have completed the task for you we will disconnect the link from your PC and you will have total control once again.


In order to use remote access your computer must be running Windows and you must have ADSL internet access.








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