Is your laptop running slowly?
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Is your laptop running slowly? Many people have running problems with their laptops. Some run slowly, some are noisy while others just stop unexpectedly.  The PC may be a few years old or perhaps just a few months but they can all suffer with the same problem.  Quite often it is caused not by use, fault or viruses but rather something far more common.

Living in Spain very few of us have fitted carpets this means that the household dust that would normally be held down, embedded in your woollen fibres, is actually floating about in the air and being sucked in through the ventilation slits in your laptop. This dust clings to the fans inside the machine, putting them off balance or preventing them from running at full speed causing the computer to be noisy or overheat and shutdown.

What can you do about it?  It is a simple cure really, make sure your laptop is turned off and unplugged, turn it upside down so that the vents are exposed and using the nozzle attachment on your vacuum suck the dust back out.  The result is normally a much quieter laptop that stays on as long as you want it to.

If you find that this has no effect on your laptop it is possible that it may need stripping and cleaning more thoroughly, we can do this in our workshop, simply call us on 677 633 700 to arrange an appointment.


Please note it is possible that continued overheating can cause permanent damage to your laptop therefore it is recommended that you keep it free of dust and always use it on a flat surface that does not block the vents.


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