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Facebook, loosing contactsMany of our friends and customers use Facebook these days, it's has been one of the fastest growing social network sites of the past few years after all.  It's great to keep in contact with relatives and friends in other countries and also to reconnect with old colleagues and school friends.

However Facebook has a habit of changing the way the system looks and operates, which to many is progress and you can't stop progress, but to others its annoying as it confuses users and lowers confidence levels.

Most of the changes are done gradually to eliminate or reduce confusion, however recent changes are causing problems, most people we have spoken to don't like the new layout for photographs for example but the main gripe at the moment is the loss of status updates from some contacts. 

You may have noticed that some of your friends are not appearing on your wall, this is usually put down to a lack of time on their part and you assume they will start posting again when they are less busy.  However it is possible that one of your settings has been changed, the setting in question is found using the "Edit Options" at the bottom of your wall.

Clicking the "Edit options" button will show the box below, make sure that the "Show posts from" option is set to "All your friends and pages" rather than "Friends and pages you interact with most" as this option will miss people off your list.



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