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FacebookSo all your friends and relatives use Facebook and you’re the odd one out, they keep asking but you keep resisting because of security worries.

This is a common response that we come across, many of our customers would like to give it a go but are put off.  Most of these worries can be eliminated with a bit of common sense.


Will everyone be able to see my information?

No this is a common misconception, only the people that you accept as friends have access to your information.

Will they all be able to access my phone number?

Only if you add it to your profile.  You can add as much or as little information as you like to your profile.

Can everyone see my pictures?

Only if you give them access.  When you upload a picture you can choose who will be able to see it, ie. “Friends”, “Friends of Friends”, Everyone”.


At this point most people are happier to dip a toe in the water and give it a try, below you will find a tutorial on access control or simply who has access to your information and our recommended settings.

To change your settings go to the Facebook login page and and login as usual using your email address and password.


Once logged in click on your account menu shown below and choose "Privacy Settings"

The screen that appears looks like the one below, on this screen you will be able to change the settings for each piece of information ie who can see what.  It's a good idea for some of your information to be visible to everyone such as who your friends are and what your home town is as this helps people to find you on Facebook, however the settings for photos and contact information should only be visible to friends.  The settings shown are the Facebook recommended settings.

The settings we use are more restrictive than those recommended by Facebook and are what we would recommend to our friends and customers.


As you can see from the image above we share very little information with everyone.  When you are deciding what level of security to choose take a minute to think about the information you have added and who you would give that to.

As an example you may be contacting your children on Facebook and they will be your friends and have access to all your information, however if you also share with friends of friends then all your childrens friends will have access to this information as well, meaning you could be sharing the information with an ex-wife or ex- husband through your children which you may not want to do. 

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