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It may be that your internet isn't connecting, your document isn't printing or a particular program is not responding, whatever the problem we have a few useful tips to help you limit the damage to your data and your wallet.


  1. Get Microsoft to Look at the Problem If you are using a Microsoft program when you get a message saying that a program has had to close and should you send a message to Microsoft, say Yes, you never know Microsoft may have a fix for that problem.
  2. Reboot  This simply means following the normal shutdown procedure then starting it up again. This may seem like a delaying tactic but it’s a fact that rebooting fixes a multitude of both real and perceived errors.  Even if a reboot does not solve the problem the mere fact that the problem still exists after a reboot gives the techie valuable diagnostic information.  This applies equally to computer towers, printers and ADSL routers.
  3. What To Do If Your PC Is Unresponsive If your mouse will not move on the screen and you are unable to turn it off using the normal shutdown procedure, press and hold the power button for approximately 4 seconds this will turn off the power, you can then try to start it again and Windows will attempt to repair the fault. In many cases this will resolve the problem.

Finally when it comes to reporting a computer problem.  It can speed the diagnosis of your problem if you can provide the following information:
a. were there any error messages and what did they say?
b. which applications were open and what were you doing at the time the problem occurred
c. can you reproduce the problem, i.e. does it happen every time you try to save a document in Word or send an email with Outlook Express, etc?

....and of course the most important point:  Computer engineers work most effectively when adequately supplied with cups of tea and biscuits.


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