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Watch English TV on the Internet Watching UK television when living abroad is for many people of primary importance.  In some parts of the Spain you can receive a good quality satellite service that works 24hrs per day with little problem.  If on the otherhand you live in an area without coverage or are shocked at the ever increasing subscription charges then read on to find cheap alternatives.


Many people will recommend a service or know someone whose friend has tried a service or the man in the pub says....  The information given below is based on my experience of the services that I have tried. It is not an exhaustive list of the options available and you may find that it doesn't work for you due to computer/internet connection speed etc.

There are three options to obtain English TV over the internet, some expensive and some free (not including the charge for your broadband service). The quality of the services change on a daily basis so it is up to you to try them and assess their performance for yourself.

Option 1: The first option is to sign up with someone such as VPNUK. They will charge you a monthly fee and provide you with a UK IP address over a VPN service.  I have tried this service with a UK and US IP, it works well during periods of low use, mornings and afternoons, however evenings are problematic with the connection speed being too low to allow you to satisfactorily watch live programming but you can still download BBC programs to watch at a later date using the BBC iPlayer. This incurs a fee of between 6 & 11 Euros per month dependant on service provider and options taken.

Option 2: Download the software from Film On HDI and install it on your PC.  This will allow you to watch most UK channels plus others across the internet in either low or normal quality dependant on your connection speed.  Again I have tried this service on a Telefonica 3MB ADSL service for a number of months and find it acceptable in all but the busiest of times.  This service incurs a subscription fee (from €7.95 per month dependant upon the package you choose).

Option 3: If you sign up with Onspeed they claim their service will improve your connection speed, this is debatable however because their servers are located in the UK you will have the added benefit of being able to use BBC iPlayer.  I have used this service for a few months also and find that I cannot watch other UK channels, however I can download from iPlayer.  This incurs an annual subscription of 30€ which I feel represents good value.

I hope this helps you to enjoy your time in Spain however as stated previously none of these methods are guaranteed to work since it is dependant upon computer and internet connection speed in addition to consumer load with the service provider.


 VPN-UK Film On HDIOnspeed 


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