What is Scareware/Ransomware?
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What is Scareware Recently a number of our customers have come across a very official looking screen that tells them that their PC is infected with lots of viruses and that they need to download this new anti-virus program.  This popup is a type of spyware, or to give it it's proper name, scareware or ransomware. 

If the unsuspecting customer clicks on the link they are taken to a website where they are required to make a payment of 50-100$ to remove the viruses and protect the PC against other infections.  Whether you make the payment or not what actually happens is that your legitimate anti-virus program is disabled leaving your PC open for infection by any number of viruses.  The longer this program is running uncontained on your computer the more damage can be done to your data/programs.

As a basic rule, if you see this popup, DO NOT click on it. Clicking on "yes", "no" or "cancel" will all result in the malicious script starting to run.  Immediately disconnect your internet connection and close your internet browser using Alt+F4.  Next, run your legitimate anti-virus program and your spyware removal program(s).

Before reconnecting your computer to the internet make sure that your have cleared your browser cache and temporary files.

If you notice things still aren't right with your system or you see strange messages warning you about security threats it is time to call in a professional, ring Alien Technologies on 677 633 700 to arrange an appointment.



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