What is Defrag? (Disk Defragmenter)
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Disk Defragmenter, or Defrag as it is more common referred to, is a component part of Windows operating systems.  It's basic function is a housekeeping role for all the files on the hard drive.


If you imagine that your hard drive is like a filing cabinet, you would imagine that your computer would file things in a sensible order and would maintain this order as new files are added and old ones are deleted.  In reality, the system puts files in the first available space, which after a period of time causes problems for the indexing system as the files are spread across the drive.  Going back to the filing cabinet analogy, imagine having to look through all the draws to find the folder with the file in that you want.  Defrag is there to resolve these issues for you. 

Within Windows XP this is a manual function, look in our Tutorials section for a user guide, for those of you with Vista the service is automatic but only if the machine is turned on at 1AM on a Wednesday morning, have a look at our Vista Tutorial to amend the Schedule for Defrag.


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