How often should I scan for viruses?
FAQ - Protection against Viruses/Spyware

The simple answer is regularly, however the frequency is dependant on the amount of use the PC gets.  For example, if you only connect to the internet once per week to check for emails or to look something up then scanning for viruses every day is unnecessary.  If however you are connected to broadband (ADSL) 24hrs a day and download files from many sources then only scanning monthly would lead to trouble.

As a general rule we would recommend that light users scan every two weeks, moderate users every week and heavy users should scan daily. 

Keep an eye out for warnings to make sure that your antivirus program is always active and up to date.

Please note however that more users suffer problems on their computers caused by spyware than viruses.  We would therefore recommend that you also install a spyware removal program like Spybot Search & Destroy and run regular scans with this also

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