Protection against Viruses/Spyware

Do I only need to scan for viruses?
FAQ - Protection against Viruses/Spyware

Unfortunately with the increasing popularity of the internet and email we also have an increase in the number of people abusing the system, either by infection or data theft (see also Phishing).  Relying on an anti-virus program alone is therefore not recommended.

How often should I scan for viruses?
FAQ - Protection against Viruses/Spyware

The simple answer is regularly, however the frequency is dependant on the amount of use the PC gets.  For example, if you only connect to the internet once per week to check for emails or to look something up then scanning for viruses every day is unnecessary.  If however you are connected to broadband (ADSL) 24hrs a day and download files from many sources then only scanning monthly would lead to trouble.


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