I cannot receive all my emails
FAQ - Email Problems

If you are on a dial up internet connection you may find that you are unable to receive all your emails or that you keep getting the same few over and over again.  The reason for this is normally that someone has sent you a large file, or number of files, i.e. a video or series of photographs which you are unable to download without losing the connection. 

For example on a standard 56kbps dial up connection in theory it would take you 2.38 minutes to download 1MB. Based on these figures a 1 minute DVD quality video with sound is approximately 11MB and would take you 26.18 minutes to download.  However please note that in practice very few people actually get 56kbps and in our experience you can normally expect to download about 4MB every half hour therefore the same 11MB video referred to previously would take nearer to 1 hour and 23 minutes to download   

Since your email program views "receiving" as one task it does not consider that it has completed the task until it has finished receiving the last email therefore if the download is interrupted part way through when you ask it to receive again it will start at the beginning even though you may have already received the first few emails.

What can you do about it?  

In the first instance you need to clear the large email from your email account.  Most email providers allow you the opportunity to log on via their website to check your messages.  You can then delete the offending email allowing you to complete the task of receiving your messages into your normal email program.

Secondly, you need to contact the friend/relative that sent you the email and ask them not to do it again.  Make sure you inform them that you only have a dial up connection and cannot receive emails of that size.

Finally, you may consider getting broadband.  There are many options and call packages available at the moment and, dependant upon your current telephone usage, can in some instance actually save you money on your normal monthly telephone bill.


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