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Recently our customers have noticed that some of their emails appear to be missing or, to put it more accurately, not arriving.  This is obviously a worry for both businesses and individuals alike as any missing email could have large implications.

This problem can be caused by a number of issues which would require an article 20 pages long however the recent problems have been mainly due to trash and spam folders on webmail servers. 

The basic story goes like this (I will use GMAIL as an example although they are not the only ones involved). The customer uses a POP3 mail client such as Outlook Express to retrieve their mail from GMAIL.  the service appears to function well with no apparent hiccups, then a friend/client asks why you haven't responded to their recent email, one which you didn't receive. Is it lost in cyberspace or can it be retrieved?Gmail Menu

In order to protect you, the customer, from receiving countless spam emails, GMAIL moves what it identifies as spam to a Spam folder on the GMAIL Server to be deleted.  GMAIL will send the remaining emails to your computer. These may then be rejected by your computer if you have a Spam filter or high security setting in Outlook/Outlook Express.  All emails that GMAIL has sent to you are deemed to have been received and are moved to the trash folder from where they will be deleted after 30 days.

If you use a service such as GMAIL, Hotmail, Terra, Wanadoo, Orange etc, most of them have a webmail service which you can log onto to check the status of your account and check the contents of the Spam or Junk folder which I would recommend you do occasionally.

The following are brief instructions for GMAIL, you should refer to your email provider for instructions specific to their spam protection measures. 

  1. Type your Username (usually email address) and password and click sign in
  2. Look down the menu (shown above) for all the different folders. To reveal the complete list you may need to expand it, i.e. clicking "6 more". You will now see the Trash and Spam folders. You should look through these folders and delete anything you don't like the look of and read anything you may have missed.



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