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FAQ - ADSL Queries

Many of our customers experience a sudden loss of their internet connection.  The ADSL light on the router is on, the PC says it is connected but Internet Explorer says the page is not available.


In most instances this problem is caused either by the router overheating or by a sudden increase in ADSL usage in your area, for example when the neighbourhood children come home from school and all log in to their Facebook accounts or start downloading the latest movies or music.


Surprisingly the solution is easy, simply turn off the router then turn it back on again.  Doing this will force the router to search for the ADSL connection once more and it will normally be up and running again after a couple of minutes. 

If the problem is caused by overheating, check that the vents on the router are not blocked and that there is a good air flow around the router, then turn it off for an hour or so to allow it to cool down before restarting it. 


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