Internet with unlimited download and free calls to Europe the USA and Canada without a landline.


3G/4G Internet

At Alien Technologies we pride ourselves on supplying quality products at the right price with great customer service and professionalism to back them up.  With this in mind we are always on the look out to expand our range of products and offers to give our customers the best service and support in the industry.  We use the best suppliers and partners to achieve this and only work with companies that we can trust.

Our 3G/4G Internet packages follow this simple but professional approach to give you, the customer, the right options at the right prices with great customer service.

Most 3G/4G packages are capped by a maximum monthly download in Gigabytes but not ours, keep surfing the web and downloading data at high speed all through the month with no problem

The package is provided by one of the largest mobile providers in Spain: Movistar, this enables us to cover more of the population with our services.  We cover the whole of mainland Spain (and can cover the Canaries and Balaerics at additional cost), where network coverage allows, and have engineers on hand to help you get set up as well as English and Spanish speaking call centre staff.

  • Enjoy Anywhere

    53.61€ per month Movistar Network Speeds up to 20Mbps No monthly download limit Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles within Spain, EU and USA
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  • Can I have Enjoy Anywhere? +

    The Enjoy Anywhere plan is only available to customers where there is no ADSL coverage on the landline or the ADSL speed offered is less than 3Mb
  • Coverage +

    Plan Unlimited data uses the Movistar network as a base, therefore if you have good Movistar network coverage then the system will work well.
  • Speed +

    This will always depend on the local network coverage and whilst we have seen speeds of up to 20Mb it is normally around 10Mb
  • Download Limit +

    This service has no download limit whatsoever and therefore is ideal for heavier users and those wishing to stream video/TV.
  • Limitations of Service +

    Enjoy Anywhere does not allow fixed IP, it also does not support fax, TPV or certain alarm services
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  • Deposit for Router +

    There is an 70.25€ deposit payable at the point of application for the router. If the installation doesn't proceed due to problems with availability in your area this deposit will be refunded in full. If you cancel your contract at any point and return the router in good working condition (as new) your deposit will be refunded.
  • Setup +

    To setup this service an engineer will visit your premises to carry out the installation and test the service. There is a 28.93€ setup fee. We are unable to offer this package as sim only, the package includes the router.
  • Prices shown +

    All prices shown on this page are billed plus IVA at the current rate. These prices are applicable to mainland Spain only, different prices apply to the Balearic and Canary Islands
  • Cancellation +

    There is a minimum contract period of 12 months. Should you decide to cancel the contract within the first six month period you will still be required to pay the monthly payment for the initial six months plus a cancellation fee of 50€. If you decide to cancel in 6-12 months there is a cancellation fee of 50€ plus a pro-rata rate up to the 12th month. After 12 months you can cancel free of charge.
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